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Find cheap airline tickets and flights to Croatia

Cheap airline tickets flights to Croatia

People are rediscovering Croatia as a summer vacation destination.

Cheap flights to Croatia are now available from major US and European airports with more airlines flying into Croatian airports every year. Croatia is well served by airlines, especially in summer.

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Main airports in Croatia:

Zagreb ( ZAG ) – Zagreb Airport is located 11 km to the south east of Zagreb.
Rijeka ( RJK ) – Rijeka Airport is located 15 km to the south east of Rijeka
Pula ( PUY ) – Pula Airport is located at the southest end of the Istrian Peninsula, a favourable geographical position which enables an easy reach to well-known resorts.
Zadar ( ZAD ) – Zadar Airport is located in Zemunik, 9 km to the east of Zadar. The airport is an important factor in connecting the regions of North Dalmatia and Lika with the other parts of Croatia and the world.
Split ( SPU ) – Split Airport is located 12 km to the west of Split.
Dubrovnik ( DBV ) – Dubrovnik Airport is located 18 km to the south east of Dubrovnik.

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